Students of Legacy School of Dance will be instructed on proper technique, while focusing on building self-confidence and learning to apply aspects of good character.

*Proper Technique - Legacy students are taught extensive age-appropriate curriculum and are encouraged to practice and master the steps.

*Self-Confidence - Legacy classes are a safe place where students can learn and grow in confidence while experiencing a loving environment.

*Character Development - Legacy students will learn respect for others and self and will learn to strive for excellence in all areas while building good character.






Dancewear may be ordered through Legacy Dance or a reputable retailer.  See below for approved dance attire.


Dance shoes must be purchased from a reputable dancewear retailer and not from stores like Walmart, Target, or Payless.  The only acceptable dance shoe brands are Revolution, Bloch, and Capezio.


ALL DANCEWEAR, especially shoes, MUST BE LABELED on the inside.  With shoes being changed before, during, and after class, it is easy to have shoes misplaced.  Write names with a Sharpie or on a piece of tape stuck inside the shoe.


After Back-to-Dance Nights in August, dancewear orders will be made at the beginning of every month. Please email info@legagydancecolorado.com if you need to re-order anything.  Payment for re-ordered items will only be accepted via the student’s Parent Portal.  Instructors will not have cash boxes available, so cash will not be accepted.  Local tax will be added where applicable.




Toddlers and Tutus

Girls: light purple, light pink, or light blue leotard with attached tutu or skirt, with pink tights and pink ballet shoes.

Boys: White t-shirt, black snug fitting pants, black ballet shoes. 


Level 1 & 2 

Girls: Solid black short or long-sleeved leotard, with NO attached skirt or rhinestones, with pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and black patent tap shoes. Tank top or spaghetti strap leotards are not allowed. 

Boys: White t-shirt, black snug fitting pants, black ballet shoes & black oxford tap shoes.


Level 3, Ballet 4,5,&6, and Beginning Youth

Girls: Solid black short or long-sleeved leotard, with NO attached skirt or rhinestones, with pink tights, optional solid black separate ballet skirt, pink ballet shoes, & black tap shoes (not required for ballet 4/5). Tank top or spaghetti strap leotards are not allowed. 

Boys: White t-shirt, black snug fitting pants, black ballet shoes & black oxford tap shoe. 


Jazz Mini, Jazz I, and Tap/Jazz 4,5,&6

Girls: Solid black short or long-sleeved leotard, with NO attached skirt or rhinestones, with pink tights, optional solid black leggings, and black jazz shoes. Tap shoes required for Tap/Jazz 4,5,& 6 (oxford tap shoes or tap boot encouraged).

Boys: White T-shirt, black snug fitting pants, & black jazz shoes. Tap shoes required for Tap/Jazz 4,5,&6 (oxford tap shoes, or tap boot encouraged).



Girls: Solid black short or long-sleeved leotard, with NO attached skirt or rhinestones, black leggings, sole shields.

Boys: Black T-shirt, black snug fitting pants, sole shields.


Musical Theatre 1 & 2, and Improv

Girls: Solid black short or long-sleeved leotard, with NO attached skirt or rhinestones, solid black leggings.

Boys: Black T-shirt, black snug fitting pants.

Shoes: Black jazz shoes (Musical Theatre), Clean sneakers only to be worn in the studio (Improv).


Hip Hop Mini, 1, & 2

Girls: Solid black short or long-sleeve shirt or black Legacy logo shirt AND a tucked in camisole or leotard (any color). Solid black leggings, joggers (looser but joined at ankle), or basketball shorts that go to the knee (**shorts that end above the knee are not permitted for this style of dance). Hair pulled back from face. 

Boys: Solid black short or long-sleeve shirt or black Legacy logo shirt. Solid black joggers (loose but joined at ankle) or black basketball shorts that go to the knee. Hair pulled back from face.

Shoes: Hip Hop Sneakers purchased through Legacy Dance and designated for indoor use only.


Adult Dance

Dance leotard or fitted top, leggings, dance shoes specific to session.



Light pink or black leg warmers may be worn by all classes except musical theatre, improv, and hip hop.


No jewelry, besides small stud earrings, is allowed during class. Bracelets, necklaces, and dangling earrings are not permitted.



Free Dress Day is an optional time where students are welcome to choose a dance outfit to wear to class that is different from the typically required black leotard. Students may wear different colored or designed leotards, attached or separate skirts and tutus, or previous dance recital costumes. Male students may wear a different colored shirt. No dress up costumes or dresses that are not intended specifically for dance class or recitals. For example, students may not come in an Elsa costume that is intended for pretend play.

The Free Dress Weeks for this season are:

September 27 - October 1

October 25 - 29

December 13 - 17

January 24 - 28

February 21 - 25

March 28 - April 1

*Any class weeks following the showcase




Dance shoes should never be worn outdoors. Students should arrive a few minutes prior to the start of class to allow time to change into dance shoes and line up outside the dance room.


All hair must be completely pulled back from the face in either a ponytail or bun. For very short hair, clips or a headband will be acceptable. 


A small dance bag, backpack, or reusable shopping bag, is recommended to contain student’s dancewear.  It is very helpful to keep some extra hair ties, etc, in this bag for emergency days!


PLEASE TAKE YOUR CHILD TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE CLASS. Instructors cannot take them during class. Pull-ups are encouraged for any children who are not independent in toileting. If bathroom needs arise, we will attempt to contact the parent first (for Toddlers and Level 1). In cases of emergency, a Legacy or CVPRD staff member may accompany the student to the restroom but will not enter the bathroom or assist in any way.


Students are expected to follow directions and be respectful of all students and teachers. Failure to comply will result in time-outs during class, and students may be required to try dance again at a later date.




Parents are only allowed in the dance studio on designated Parent Observation Days. Observation weeks for this season are scheduled for November 15-19 and March 14-18.


Parents agree to follow all rec center policies regarding entrance and waiting in the building.  Parents understand that these regulations may change throughout the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  




Students should only attend class when in good health and ready to learn.  This includes being free of fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or any contagious illness for a minimum of 48 hours prior to class.


Absences should be reported through the Dance Studio Pro parent portal by clicking on Attendance > Report Absence.  


From September-December, if students need to miss class for some reason (i.e. illness or vacation) they may make-up the class by attending a same-level class at any of our locations, regardless of where they normally attend.  From January-May, make-up classes are not offered as each class is learning their unique recital piece.




If a decision is made to cancel class, it will be posted no later than 8am for morning classes, and 3pm for afternoon/evening classes.  Parents with students in affected classes will be emailed, and it will also be posted on our social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram).




CVPRD students will have tuition collected through the Dance Studio Pro Parent Portal on the first of each month, Sept-May.


FLRC students will pay monthly tuition through FLRC and be subject to their policies.  Any extra fees (registration, costume) will be withdrawn through the parent portal, directly from Legacy School of Dance.


CVPRD policy now requires a different rate for non-district students.  Monthly fees are shown in the tuition schedule below.




30 minute classes - District $45 Non-District $56

Toddlers & Tutus (30min) 


45 minute classes - District $50 Non-District $62

Level 1-3, Ballet 4-5, Tap/Jazz 4-5, Beginning Youth, Improv, Hip Hop Mini, 1, 2, Lyrical/Contemporary 1, Just the Guys, Adult Dance 


Jazz Electives - District $46 Non-District $57

Jazz Mini, Jazz 1 


60 minute classes - District $65 Non-District $81

Performing Teams, Musical Theatre 1 & 2




CVPRD and FLRC students will all have costume fees automatically deducted November 10, 2021 from their Parent Portal Account.


Costume fees are non-refundable for students who choose to drop for any reason.  However, all paid costumes will be distributed during costume distribution week in the spring. 


All Costume Fees include the $10 uniform tights unless otherwise noted. 




Toddlers/Tutus & Level 1-2: $85

Level 3, Ballet 4-6, Tap/Jazz 4-6, Beginning Youth, Lyrical: $90

Musical Theatre 1&2: $98

Jazz Mini, Jazz 1 (does not include tights): $85

Hip Hop Mini, 1, 2 (includes performance sneakers, no tights): $90

Performing Team: included in team participating costs

Improv (shirt only): $30 

Adult Dance: fees will be assessed as the year progresses.




Parents are expected to ensure that credit cards registered with Dance Studio Pro are current and sufficient funds are available.  


If cards are expired/declined, Legacy Dance will provide one courtesy notification via email which must be corrected within 1 week or a late fee of $10 per day will be assessed.  If fees are not paid after 2 weeks, the dancer will not be allowed to participate in class until charges and late fees are paid.




Students who wish to drop a class must provide notice to info@legacydancecolorado.com at least 1 week prior to the start of class (for mini-sessions) or month (for recital season) to stop future tuition charges.


No partial refunds will be given for students who drop mid-month.




Students who withdraw after March 1st will be charged both April and May tuition regardless of attendance.  Each showcase dance is choreographed with all classmates in mind, and late season drops are strongly discouraged as they impact all dancers in the class.


In order to showcase all of the amazing hard work of the dancers in our program, Legacy School of Dance will most likely be split into two shows on the same Spring Showcase weekend. By signing up your dancer(s) in one or more classes, please be aware that there is a possibility that your dancer(s) may be required to participate both shows.