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Mini Sessions


Mini-Session FAQ

When are classes held?


June Mini- Session - June 17-21 (Monday - Friday)

July Mini-Session - July 8-12 (Monday - Friday)

See registration website for individual class times.


Where are classes located?


All mini-session classes are held at the Legacy School of Dance Studio, located at 8245 W I-25 Frontage Road, Unit 4, Frederick, CO 80516.


What should my dancer wear?


During the mini-sessions our classes have more relaxed requirements than our recital season.  Dance shoes are encouraged but not required, socks over tights is also acceptable.  If you decide to purchase dance shoes, they must be from a reputable dancewear company. Acceptable brands are Revolution, Capezio, or Bloch.  We would rather your dancer wear socks than purchase non-quality dance shoes from Target, Walmart, etc. Please email if you are interested in purchasing shoes through Legacy.


Toddlers - Level 2 Combo

Girls: Any leotard and tights combination.

Boys: Solid colored T-shirt and pants.

Footwear: Tap and ballet shoes are encouraged but not required. Toddlers only use ballet shoes.


Hip Hop

Boys: Solid colored T-shirt and pants. 

Girls:  Solid colored T-shirt and pants, plus a leotard or tucked-in tank top under shirt.

Footwear: Sneakers that have only been worn indoors or socks. NO SHOES THAT HAVE BEEN WORN OUTDOORS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE DANCE STUDIO FLOOR.


Can I join my dancer in class?


Please keep in mind that all of our classes, including Toddlers & Tutus, are student only. Your child must be able to be in a room without mom or dad for the class time. If you are anxious about it, don't worry! We've had lots of experience with all kinds of students. ;)  Remind your child that they will go into their special dance class without mom or dad, and that they are a big kid, they can do it! :) We have SO much fun! 


Can I observe class?


Families are invited inside the dance studio only on designated observation days. For most mini-sessions, observation will be a portion of the last class. For all other class sessions, parents will be able to escort their dancer to the studio room door at the start of class, but waiting space is limited in the lobby and there is not a viewing screen. Your dancer will love telling you all they experienced when they rejoin you in the lobby after class!


How does payment work?

Payment is a one-time fee, charged at registration. Students who need to drop for any reason after registration but more than one week before class start will be charged a $5 processing fee to refund tuition. Refunds will not be granted for any drops that are less than one week from the start of class.

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